About Writers for Peace

Writers for Peace is about doing something to make our world a better place. For at least the past two years, I have noticed that things I wrote about in an imaginative way as many as 18-19 years ago, were “coming true” in real life. Because I’m an average person, these weren’t really huge, giant […]

The Problem With Books

American Genius

What is wrong with this picture? Toward the end of the filmed version of Temple Grandin’s life, she (portrayed by Clare Danes) tells a group of highly skeptical, all-male, chain-smoking slaughterhouse owners why her humane system, which one says is “like an airport for cows — but that’s not a compliment, Miss Grandin,” is an improvement over […]

Fire – Alan Rodgers

Two countries on the brink of nuclear war. The President is bent on avenging the greatest loss a man can endure: the First Lady. A dangerous religious organization vying to control the fate of the earth. A mysterious virus leading to the resurrection of the dead all over the planet. A bestial nightmare of a […]

Igor Goldkind poet

Igor Goldkind

Igor Goldkind is an author, poet, and lecturer specializing in digital storytelling, computational narrative and Speculative Realism. His first book of spoken poetry, music, art and motion, IS SHE AVAILABLE? was published as an enhanced EPUB April 20 15, with the hardcover edition set for publication June 2015. He is also finishing a collection of short […]

Alan Rodgers

Chameleon would not be possible without the life work of Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor Alan Rodgers (1959-2014). He was a horror writer, he loved sci-fi, and was an extraordinarily gifted editor and poet. Alan is remembered by many for his work in the early eighties as Associate Editor for Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone […]

Alan Rodgers author

Bone Music – Alan Rodgers

Bone Music, one of Alan Rodgers’ favorite books, called a masterpiece by many of his fellow horror writers, is now available in a new authors’ edition e-book on all major e-book stores. Find Bone Music for the Kindle here. For the Nook here. For iTunes/iBooks (Apple devices) here. For Kobo here. For Google Play here. […]

Is SHE Available? Pushes Books and Publishing Forward Through Poetry, Art and Music

Southern-California based publisher Chameleon Publishing releases its first major publication: Is SHE Available? by Igor Goldkind April 1 via the iBooks store. Is SHE Available? pushes the edge of what is possible with present EPUB3 technology and how books are created and made. It is not an App, it is a true book that marries […]

Igor Goldkind poet

is she ebook cover

These are the Words and Images and Sounds of Freedom

Is SHE Available? by Igor Goldkind, enhanced EPUB3 will be available soon via the iBooks/iTunes store and via Igor Goldkind’s website.

“It takes a village to raise a child . . .” a proverb attributed to various African peoples and to a book by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Oft-mocked, much misunderstood –

It takes a global village to make a book right. – Amy Sterling Casil

Is SHE Available? has been in development for more than a year. The book design is by London’s is she ebook coverRian Hughes, one of the world’s most gifted type and graphic designers. The music was recorded in New York with Gilad Atzmon, one of the world’s most gifted jazz artists. The poems collected have been written by Igor Goldkind over ten years, including right up to the moment of publication. The art, from some of the world’s best graphic novel and fine artists, was created specifically for each poem. Bill Sienkiewicz created the images seen on the cover, inside cover and later pages. The videos were developed in the Bay Area using Madefire’s motion book technology. The e-book design, production, and additional animations were done by Chameleon, in Southern California.

Right now, we are testing the book on different Apple devices. It will only play as-created on iPad, iPhone, and computers running OS9 or higher with the iBooks reader and it also needs the current version of iTunes. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and most involved in the book production have been involved in publishing and media for a number of years. It’s like nothing non-publishing “insiders” (i.e. regular readers) have ever seen before, either. An interactive PDF which provides much of the experience, including audio and video files, will be available via the Is SHE Available? website. The PDF may be used by any device or computer able to use Adobe Reader XI. Other editions are in development; technologically, the Kindle Fire and any Microsoft/Android tablet or phone can do everything required to run the book. Software-wise, these devices do not have current ability to provide the same experience as iBooks/Apple. A hardcover edition of the book will be released in May, and other editions are in development.

For “The Darkness” (read by Igor Goldkind, music Gilad Atzmon, animation Madefire, art Bill Sienkiewicz). (this video is contained within the book – but not as you may have experienced before with traditional e-books or web pages with videos and text).

This is poetry for those who love poetry. This is poetry for those who hate poetry.

This is art for those who love art. This is art for those who hate art.

This is jazz for those who love jazz. This is jazz for those who hate jazz.

This is a book for those who love graphic novels. This is a book for those who hate graphic novels.

This is a book for those who love reading. This is a book for those who hate reading.

This is a book made by all of us, crafted and created with all our skill and all our heart. For all of you.

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What do Books Have in Common With Plus-Sized Clothing?

Twenty years ago, this picture would never have appeared in a fashion magazine. Now, it’s in its own fashion magazine — one devoted to “plus-size” fashions. As recently as the 90s, modeling agents experienced extreme resistance to placing “plus-sized” models on any jobs, according to a recent article in the Washington Post. Only 50 “plus-sized” […]

Meria by Kirbi Fagan

Theodore Sturgeon, Wendy All, Igor Goldkind (l-r)

Convergence With This Madman Goldkind

Two years ago, I began to notice extraordinary poems, images and prose coming across my social media from a man I didn’t know. He was brilliant. He was humane. He was Igor Goldkind. I’m not sure who first made contact, but he was writing from the UK, and I was sitting on my patio in […]